Engage your users with the tap of a Button

At Button we pride ourselves on going above & beyond for our partners - showing them Omotenashi, or anticipating their needs, throughout every step of the partner journey. We are singularly focused on creating the most value for everyone involved in our marketplace - be it driving in app commerce for our partners like OpenTable, Airbnb, & Ticketmaster, enabling publishers like Foursquare to monetize their apps without ads, or building a magical user experience.

Part of providing Omotenashi to our partners involves sharing knowledge and insights with them that they wouldn’t normally have access to. One chilly afternoon in glorious San Francisco we were having a routine quarterly check in with one of our closest partners, Uber, and we were presenting some supremely staggering stats (we’re suckers for alliteration). The insights were around publisher engagement post a user deep linking out to Uber, and the Uber team was so impressed with these insights that they immediately whipped up a blog post & partnered with The Verge to shout these stats from the rooftops.

Uber Button blog post

So what are these jaw dropping numbers, you ask? Check ‘em out:

  • 11% increase in time spent in the publisher app after a user taps a Button in your app and deep links into another app.

  • 26% increase in the average number of visits to the page with the Button on it after a user engages with the Button.

  • 21% of users who deep linked into the other app came back within 48 hours and used the Button to deep link again.

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