Announcing Button & Foursquare

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the newest partner on the Button network: Foursquare. Foursquare has long been considered one of the leading mobile product companies in the world & we’re proud to be part of their app experience.

Foursquare introduces millions of users to new places to eat, drink & have fun every day and the next logical step is to help them get there. Now you’ll be able to call an Uber directly to your location to get you to your newly discovered spot.

Working with Foursquare has been amazing. Their team blasted through the integration and we’ve been playing with it internally for weeks thanks to their sophisticated gradual rollout & whitelisting capabilities.

Our mission at Button is to make app connections as simple as possible for users and developers.

Noah Weiss, SVP of Product Management at Foursquare, said..

“Using Button simplified the process of integrating Uber into Foursquare. With a few lines of code we were able to create a seamless experience when requesting an Uber built directly into our app, saving us time and effort.”

This is just the start. Button’s new platform - live internationally, on iOS, Android, & tablet - is now ready for developers everywhere. We look forward to unlocking many more new connections for all our partners - all with the tap of a Button.

This month also marks Button’s one year birthday! It’s been an exciting year & we’re just getting warmed up! Stay tuned…